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Plymouth Indiana Postcard Founded and Operated in small town Plymouth, Indiana by local nerd, gone-entrepreneur Taylor Jones, NexGen Digital Solutions aims to provide modern, intuitive and affordable business solutions to Individuals, Small Businesses, Corporations, Government and many other entities alike.

Our primary focus lies in bringing Small Businesses to the modern forefront of the Internet. With ever-evolving technology and development standards, it can be difficult for individuals and small business to keep up-to-date and remain competitive online throughout day-to-day operations. With many large brick and mortar stores closing their doors to the public and only offering online convenience, wouldn't it seem it's a sign of the times and future ahead? We are here to inform and to help prepare small business now to develop a plan of action and begin implementing the way of the future. Unfortunately, in today's age either consumers are forgetting or not caring whether their dollar stays in their community or not. And with the rise of what some could easily call near-monopolistic corporations dominating the the e-commerce atmosphere, our last hope for small shopping starts here.

Even local service provider's will need to step-up their game and begin developing and maintaining proven and effective web sales funnel through social media, SEO and digital marketing campaigns in order to maximize their adspend and awareness. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to catch up later. At the end of the day, our foremost goal at NexGen Digital Solutions is to provide solutions in which yield results. Whether it be rocketing your business to the top of search results or arming small business with the content, tools and resources needed to remain a staple in their community.

No matter your vision or idea, our primary goal at NexGen Digital Solutions is to be your ally.
We vow to remain steadfast as your partner and help you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

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Who Are We?

Taylor Jones, Founder
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Taylor Jones

Founder / Developer

Taylor is the epitome of a Digital Native. Having been born in the latter days of dialup, flip phones and floppy disks, there wasn't much of a choice in growing up surrounded by quick and ever-evolving technologies.

As the youngest son of two long-time small business owners who opened up shop in 1975 (remember what a type writer is?), he has been privy to the evolution of technology's effect on small business and has first-hand witnessed how small businesses will need to make creative, intuitive and even sometimes drastic changes in order to adapt to current consumer desires, technological advances, search engine algorithms and much more in order to keep up with their local and larger competitors.

Taylor is a creative individual with an apt for the convolution of Design, Developement and Implementation. With his roots in web development early in life and latest experience in design, development and marketing within the ever-evolving and highly competitive automotive industry. Taylor is determined to assist you and your business in realizing your vision and help bring it into reality. Whether it is a fresh new look or a game-changing user experience that changes the way your audience or clientele interacts with your business or brand forever.

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