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At NexGen Digital Solutions, we vow to always remain steadfast - as your partner - in bringing your visions and goals to reality. We offer a wide array of services and have listed a few of our most in-demand abilities below. If you have a project in mind and you're not sure if it fits into one of these categories, get in touch with us. We're more than happy to meet up for a cup of coffee.

Why NexGen

We get it, there's an unfathomable and overwhelming amount of other Web, App, Software and Data providers out there...

However, we do ask, before you continue with your current provider or consider someone else, to keep the following in mind:


Ask yourself and your team who you would like to have do this type of work. Naturally, a service provider with Experience, Dedication and provides exceptional product and/or service value for the money. How does your current, or other providers you've peeked at compare? There's a reason you're here reading this.


In order to make the most of your dollar and time, you will need to know exactly what it is you set out to accomplish. A good service provider can help you accomplish this (or they should at least). Cookie-Cutter services won't get you the results you need. What results have you received from your current provider or how has another provider you've looked in to compare to us?


Where exactly does the goal or vision you have in mind play into your business model? Is it aesthetic or is it more grandiose. A new look is one thing - Optimizing your online sales funnel is another. Has your current provider been an ally and asset for you and your business? How do other providers compare to us in this regard?


When do you want to go live? One week? One month? Six months or more? Developing a solid timeline for accomplishing your goals is essential. Too soon and you risk encountering varying degrees of failure or setbacks. Too much time and you and your team might start making careless decisions. What was the turn-around time on your last project with your current provider - or - What kind of timeline has another provider you've connected with provided? Is it within your ideal timeline?


How can the service provider you choose help make your launch successful? Has the model or funnel they've pitched to you been proven before? Do they provide Split(A/B) Testing? Are they willing to revise content indefinitely so long as you need it without charging you a hefty premium? Most other providers are either one-and-done or charge a pretty penny for any new content or revisions. We don't. We offer three options: 1) Do-It-Yourself (with your own tools and knowledge). 2) Do-It-Yourself (with our tools and knowledge) or 3) Have us do it for you for a nominal one-time or monthly fee (respective of what is needed, naturally). How does your current or other prospective provider handle content creation and revisions?


Aside from the obvious statement here, why is it you're seeking these services? Could it be you either don't have or a combination thereof the time, knowledge or resources? Doesn't it make the most sense to entrust an individual within your very own community? Wouldn't you rather have someone whose success is riding on your success? Or, would your rather be another number, another client or another dollar at one of the million web design and development companies? We, NexGen Solutions, are right here in your backyard. We are one phone call, text message or e-mail away from visiting you in-person. There, we can discuss your needs and form a plan. Our process, from start to finish, is inuitive, efficient and exciting - even years after you get your fancy new site.

At NexGen Digital Solutions,
We're here to help you bring your visions to reality.
Your long-term success and satisfaction are the foundation of our core values.

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