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With our advanced suite of Cloud Data, Storage, Security and Function (and many more) tools and partners you can ensure your data and tasks are online, accessible and secure up-to 99.9982% of the time.

Ditch the filing cabinets, ditch the server and ditch spending outrageous amounts of money on an in-house or hired "IT Firm" to manage your data. Our robust suite of automation and data tools will ease your workflow, secure your files, records, transactions and computing into one simple, easy-to-access, reliable and secure environment. From functions, data, applications and virtualization to storage and networking NexGen Digital Solutions has you covered with a modern, efficient and infinitely scalable solution to suit your needs and budget with ZERO footprint (unless you need an on-prem solution).

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  • Database (SQL & NoSQL)

    Manage your data how you need to. Whether it's structured or unstructured, vertical or horizontal. Our options for data management are endless. With the rise of NoSQL and document-based dynamic schema, your queries and relationships just got 100X more powerful.

  • Storage

    Store the files you need remotely and securely. Share them with whom you need to. In conjunction with Database and IAM, your file and data security is bulletproof. Perfect for Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare.

  • Functions / Computing

    Automate app and data dasks easily, on-the-go or automatically without provisioning or managing servers, automatic scaling, inegrated monitoring, debugging and tracing. With built in security or IAM integrations, security is never an issue.

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)

    Control access to all or specific resources whether on a global scale organization level or by role and/or user. Cloud IAM is infinitely scalable for any organization structure and adaptable to any situation.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    Deliver your content to users around the world or locally with lighting fast speed. Increase user engagement through faster page loads, lower hosting costs with less bandwidth usage, and simplify web and app operations in general. Easy, private, secure and easily integratable with Cloud Load Balancing.

And Much, Much More...

Your Cloud Options are Unlimited

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