Providing quality, dedicated and honest support is our Number 1 at NexGen Digital Solutions.

As our valued client, it is imperative we give you the support and guidence you require, when you need it most. Therefore, we're proud to provide unlimited general and technical help and support as outlined in the "Help & Support" section of your Product and/or Service Welcome Guide. For quick reference, we've compiled a list for each service and have tried our best to compile a list of common issues and whether they're covered or not.

Regardless, should you ever have a question or concern regarding our help and support, just get in touch with us.

For clarity-sake: Lifetime Support is defined as: "For the lifetime of your contract" with us."" All Managed services with us, beginning Day One of the contract include help and support billed at an hourly rate of $0. The way our support system works, you will receive a statement each month showing all support tickets closed within that billing period (30-Days) and the total time billed. All Standard plans include a generous initial support term to work any issues out. During this initial support term, you will not be billed for any support tickets but will receive monthly statements for any support tickets just as a "Managed" Service client would. At the end of the initial Support Term, you will be offered an "Extended Support Contract" (ESC) with varying options for up-to 5 additional years of Service and Support at a discounted rate. This is a one-time offer, and if declined, any future support will be billed at our then-current hourly rate or at a flat, pre-determined rate for the support as outlined in the ESC offer.

= Covered
= Initial Coverage
= Not Covered
Issue Plan/Coverage
Standard Managed
General Website Issues
Content Revisions
New Content
Display Errors
Form Errors
Link Errors
Database Issues
Website/App Hosting Issues

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